In the Demanding World

Lubitec is the leading supplier of biobased lubricants and greases in the United Kingdom. Our Biotechbased™ products are based on exclusive technology; using efficient microwave energy for our production process and formulated with renewable, biodegradable vegetable oils.

Lubitec lubricants and greases are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed industry standards. In the demanding world of lubricants, attention to quality must be constantly maintained and expanded. That’s why Lubitec pays such close attention to all aspects of processing and quality assurance.

Lubitec’s commitment to quality starts upon receipt of base oils and additives. Unlike most lubricant facilities Lubitec utilises the specialized instrumentation unique to vegetable oils such as the oxidation stability instrument required to test the unique oxidative properties of our products.

Samples are taken routinely from base stock and additive supplies, from blending and packaging operations, and storage vessels. The laboratory staff maintains strict control standards by using the latest instruments.

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